PRP Therapy

Heal faster after extractions using PRP Therapy

Platelet-rich Protien therapy, or PRP therapy, uses your body’s own healing mechanisms to accelerate the healing process. After a dental extraction, this treatment can speed healing and promote bone growth. According to the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA), this treatment has “proven to be effective at improving surgical results in a variety of procedures in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery.”1

What are the main benefits of PRP Therapy?

Adding PRP Therapy to your dental procedure benefits you by:

  • preventing bone and tissue collapse after extraction
  • reducing bleeding and enhances soft-tissue healing
  • encouraging a faster and more comfortable recovery
  • ensuring sufficient bone structure to place dental implants
  • improving overall procedure results, particularly in older patients

We evaluate each patient to ensure that this procedure is recommended for them, and there are some patients who may not be suitable candidates. However, in many cases this is a valuable tool to aid in recovery and results.

How does it work?

We use PRP therapy during your extraction visit. We take a sample of your blood and spin it in a centrifuge to extract only the platet-rich protien. Platelets are the cells in your blood which help your blood clot to reduce bleeding at an injury site. Your body will send them to the area of the extraction naturally. Additionally, your body will attempt to regrow any bone lost in the extraction procedure.

We speed these natural processes by mixing your platelet-rich protein with sterilized bone from a certified tissue bank and placing it at the site of the extraction. The bone mixture will be completely resorbed by your body, so as you heal the lasting bone will be completely yours.


We want you to make informed decisions when it comes to your dental care. Here are some frequently asked questions about PRP therapy:

  • How long does it take? Do I need a separate appointment?
    This is done on the same visit as your extraction. It doesn’t add any time to the extraction appointment, but is done as part of the process while you’re here.
  • Does my insurance cover this?
    Coverage for PRP therapy varies by insurer. If you have any questions about your specific plan, please see one of our friendly front-office staff.
  • Do I need to prepare for this appointment?
    You must be hydrated for the procedure to work. Please make sure to drink enough water in the 48 hours preceding your appointment.

If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to us directly at 719-475-2511. We can help you decide if PRP therapy is right for you.

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