What Are Dentures?

A denture is a prosthetic device constructed to replace missing teeth and is supported by your gums (what the denture is affixed to) and your jaw. There are many custom designs for dentures. One is conventional dentures, which are removable. Other denture options like implant supported dentures, bond or clasp onto your existing teeth or dental implants.

There are two main categories of dentures, and our dentists at our restorative dentistry office will explain to you about this in more detail. The type of denture that may work best for you is dependent on where the denture will be placed in your mouth, on the top or bottom (arch) of your mouth.

Denture appliance options include:

  • Removable Partial Dentures-are used to replace missing teeth on a particular arch in your mouth. This type of denture is fitted specifically to your mouth, and are removed regularly.
  • Fixed Partial Dentures- A more stable, yet costly option than removable dentures. Fixed partial dentures are created by placing on the remaining teeth, which then act as abutments, thus making the dentures more secure. The dentures are made from materials so they look like your teeth, making them unnoticeable in your smile.
  • Complete Dentures- Full dentures are worn by patients who are missing all of their teeth on their upper arch or the lower arch.

At McIntyre D.D.S., P.C., one of the custom denture options that our restorative dentistry uses is implant-supported dentures. Implant-supported dentures using dental implants are “new teeth” placed in the jawbone which can then serve as anchors for the complete or partial dentures. With this solid support, implant-supported dentures do not need to be removed, making them more convenient. Also, implant-supported dentures look, feel and function just like your natural teeth!

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