Does flossing work?

It seems this question wouldn’t cause so much controversy, but it has been in the news lately. “There is little proof flossing protects your teeth or gums” Headline from It seems scientific studies cited by these reputable news sources are showing no benefit to flossing. Even Public Health England declared there was no value … Continued

Dental Hygiene Tips – 5 Simple Daily Tasks

Let’s focus on dental hygiene and preventive dental care. Do you know the importance of good dental hygiene? How will you keep yourself and your teeth healthy? Have you heard the term preventative care? This month we’ve highlighted our hospital approach and our hospital coordinator.  For this post we want to take a step back to focus on … Continued

Meet Taylor

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Foxy Moms Are Informed

We support good dental habits from the beginning. What a great pleasure it was for our office staff to attend the 2014 Foxy moms expo.  We have enjoyed getting to meet each of you and share some about our practice and standards of care. Our practice is family-centered, and we have first-hand experience working with … Continued

BOO! 5 Halloween Tips to Avoid Scary Teeth.

Halloween can be great fun.  It’s a chance to get creative, and for you and your family members to don a persona you don’t wear the other days of the year. We love seeing munchkins dress up as their favorite heros, fairies, goblins, and more. We don’t love seeing them later for cavities!  Here are some … Continued